„Learning for the Intercultural Dialogue”


The project aim is to promote intercultural dialogue, through learning the Latvian language and participating in multicultural Events for children and their parents.

The project target group: Preschool children and their parents- ethnic minorities and non-citizens ( 233 people)

The main activities:

•          Interactive Latvian language training for children and adults;

•          Latvian Conversational language club,

•          intercultural interest club,

•          pre-school age children baby-sitting during the language or intercultural interest club for their parents,

•          multicultural activities for children,

•          activities for children and families,

•          CD booklet publishing,

•          information activities.

Project result:

•          There will be to promoted intercultural dialogue and multicultural integration since early aged children;

•          There will be promoted non-discrimination and tolerance between different minorities and Latvians;

•          The information, gained in the Events and courses of the Project, will promote the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia for the non – citizens.

Time: 9 month ( 01.08.2013.-30.04.2014.)

Funding: LVL 15 021.52


This material is published by the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Latvian State. For the material content responsible is  Agency of Development  “Pieci”.

Project “Open Integration 2012”

( Nr. IF/2010./1.1./24)

Time: 20 April 2012 till 30 June 2012

Financing: total financing LVL 37718.41, of them 75% European Fund for the integration of third country nationals and 25% public funding.

Location: Integration center „Pietura bērniem”,  Bruninieku street 28-41, Riga

The aim of the project: Implement activities for groups of residents from third countries (baby, youth, women, older people, people with low education, people with special needs), taking into account their needs thus carrying out the integration into society. read more »