About us

Founders : Dzintra Anspoka, Daina Anspoka, Inguna Badune, Indra Artemjeva, Māra Pusbarniece.

Main activities: Lifetime education, psychological support, legal support, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle and social integration services.

Details of organisation: Development agency “Pieci” was founded on April 26, 2006. Society aims at improving the quality of life in society, based on democracy, equality and the rule of law in order to promote each individual’s mental and physical health and personal growth. Organization founders have long experience with various public organizations related areas, financial management, strategic planning, working with the community through volunteering. Society is aimed at every Latvian citizen, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or political belief. Development Agency “Pieci” is an open society, which is offering assistance to any organization working for human well-being.