Project “Learning for the Intercultural Dialogue”



The project aim is to promote intercultural dialogue, through learning the Latvian language and participating in multicultural Events for children and their parents.


The project target group: Preschool children and their parents- ethnic minorities and non-citizens ( 233 people)


The main activities:

  • Interactive Latvian language training for children and adults;
  • Latvian Conversational language club,
  • intercultural interest club,
  • pre-school age children baby-sitting during the language or intercultural interest club for their parents,
  • multicultural activities for children,
  • activities for children and families,
  • CD booklet publishing,
  • information activities.


Project result:

  • There will be to promoted intercultural dialogue and multicultural integration since early aged children;
  • There will be promoted non-discrimination and tolerance between different minorities and Latvians;
  • The information, gained in the Events and courses of the Project, will promote the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia for the non – citizens.

Time: 9 month

Funding: LVL 15 021,52


The project “Learn, Participate and Interacted ( Nr. 2010.ETN/1-8/01)

Together with the Polish Society “Rodacy” and Jekabpils Polish elementary Agency of Development  “Five” is organized by the project activity “Learn, participate and interacted” to be implemented in the grant scheme “Development of Intercultural Dialogue 2010”. The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Justice and Integration Fund. 23/09/2010 Event occurred Polish and other ethnic pupils Sports Day (the conduct of the event is shown in photos), in which the participation of various activities in nature, orienteering, relay “Merry tourist”, “Spider”, etc., carrying out tasks for a healthy, active and sporty lifestyle, the children could get to know each other, it was promoted awareness of members of the Polish people, as well as the integration of different nationalities.

The event ended with a bonfire and holiday dinners. All children received prizes. The next event planned for 14.10.2010. Anyone interested in the project to participate in the contest.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest!

Competition and answers on competition:

1.1. Wich river flows through Warsaw ?  ( Vistula )
1.2. Name of an ancient Polish capital was ?  ( Krakow )
1.3. What are the colors of the Polish flag? ( White and red )
1.4. Which Polish town called Copernicus city? ( Torun )

2.1. Polish Independence Day  ( 11. Nov 1918 )
2. 2. Poland’s first king ( Mieszko I, 966. A.D. )
2.3. How many people in Poland ? ( 38. 130. 000 )
2.4. How called Christmas songs in Poland? ( “Kolendy”)
2.5 What is the name day of St. Andrew (29. Nov) ? (“Andžeiki”)
2.6. Poland is divided in voivodeships. How many ? ( 16 )
2.7. How Christmas Eve called in Poland? ( Wiģilija) .
3.1. With wich countries Poland bordering by land and sea? (Vācija, Čehija, Slovākija, Ukraina, Baltkrievija un Zviedrija ar Dāniju.).
3.2. The first President of Poland was ? ( Gabriel Narutovič ).
3.3 .The current president of Poland ? (Bronislavs Komarovskis).
3.4. How zloty (approximately) can be bought for 100 lats ?
3.5. When did Pope John Paul II was in Latvia ? ( 1993)
3.6. How many Latvian Polish schools are now and where? ( Five – Rīgā, Daugavpilī, Rēzeknē, Krāslavā un Jēkabpilī).
3.7. How many pupil are currently studying at Jekabpils Polish elementary school?
3.8. Name the famous Polish composer.( Šopēns).