Integration Centre “Pietura bērniem”

PIETURA BĒRNIEM – Integration Center, where at an early age children learn to understand each other, collaborate, communicate, accept each other regardless of their language, nationality, religion, life environment, parents’ positions held, the number of brothers and sisters ….

Integration Centre started to work in October 23rd, 2009 as Agency of Development “Five” unit. Commencement of activities and the idea came from project “Open Integration” during which we helped the children of third-country nationals (those who have entered the Latvia from countries outside the European Union) to integrate in Latvia. Interesting is that the center itself experienced integration, in June, 2011 by taking over the Children’s Centre “Traču placis” operation.

Now it is a stop for children from 1.5 to 5.5 year olds. By coming here kids can play, relax, make friends, to regale themselves. Also parents and other visitors here are invited to remember their childhood. We ensure that every baby here feel’s welcome, happy and acquiring the first communication with peers learn to communicate, collaborate, train their own language and other language basic skills. “Pietura Bērniem” is like the first experience leaving family and going into the community.

Come to visit us and become an insider!

Information About The Center

Pietura Bērniemvisits participants aged 1, 5 to 5, 5 years to spend your time interesting, in the afternoon enjoy relaxing, to feast 3 times a day and to make good friends in childhood. The opportunity to visit center is each day, several days a week or a few hours a day. From September you will have an opportunity to visit the center on weekends and evenings, subject to prior agreement.

Location: Bruņinieku Street 2841, Riga.

Working hours during the summer from. 7:30 to 18:20

Service charges:

  •          Visitingeach day– fixedmonthly feeLVL80,00, anda variablemonthly feeLVL10, 00/ per day(is revisedbysickness absence)
  •       Catering (3x) LVL2, 30 / per day
  •       1 dayvisitLVL7, 70 +2meals 2, 30
  •        1 hourvisit: LVL 1, 50 (fromthirdhour) – 2,50(1st -2ndhour)
  •       Registration feestartingto visit thecenter – LVL35, 00 (is usedfor materialsupplement,purchase)   

Fees for classes depends on the manager of the class it is clarified before the beginning of classes

If there are questions of detail or you wish to apply call or write to us!