For individuals

• My tops ( who are interested )
• Psychological program “10 steps in raising children (for parents), etc. educational programs, seminars and lectures.

Individualization of instruction for each client. We offer training in the use of interactive methods and outdoor activities, including elements of tourism.

• Psychological:

– Individual consulting
– Psychological research (psychodiagnostics)
– Providing psychological views

• Legal:

– Legal Advice
– Mediation (mediation and conflict resolution)
– Relating to the development of the project

Active rest:

• Trips to the mountains (in the summer):
• High Tatras, Slovakia. Scotland
• Hiking
• Elements of tourism.


• Party for children (birthdays and holidays)
• Activities for families (providing professional nature with elements of leisure tourism)

Development agency “Pietura bērniem”:

• Preschool childcare
• Latvian language training for adults and children
• Speaking Club
• Psychological training for parents