In the project ( in case of the fundraising for the project ) audience recieving services free of charge.

Any of our activities are adapted to the specific target audience, client / organization. Each collaboration is individually assessed for an agreement on payment for services.

Proposed service



Individual consultation with psychologist

1 hour

First consultation LVL 10,00

Continuing collaboration – by agreement


1 hour

LVL 10,00

Psychodiagnostics (provision of a written opinion about psychological research)

1 adjudgment

LVL 10,00

Psychological activities in group

1. 5 – 2 hours

LVL 30,00

Lectures about psychological themes

90 minutes

LVL 20,00

Activities for children

1 hour

From LVL 20,00

Activities with elements of tourism

1 hour

From LVL 30,00

Juridical consultations

1 hour

LVL 10,00

For criminal case victims – free of charge

Mediation (intermediary conflict resolution)

1 process (including contractual preparation)

LVL 50,00

Lectures about juridical themes

1 hour

LVL 10,00

Classes at schools

80 minutes

LVL 20,00

Latvian language teaching for children

1 lesson (1, 5 hours, including tee break)

LVL 5,00

Latvian language teaching for adults

1 lesson (80 minutes)

LVL 6,00

Paying in advance for the month – LVL 5,00

Psychological lessons for parents

1 lesson (1, 5 hours, including tee break)

LVL 8,00

Paying in advance for all cycle of lessons – LVL 7,00

Preschool age child sitting

1 hour

First two hours – LVL 2,00 next hours – LVL 1,50

Discounts for regular customers

Events for organizations and active leisure measures

By agreement

By agreement