In December 28th, 2011 Took Place Closing Event of Project “Yes To Work, No Human Trafficking”

In  December 28th, 2011 took place closing event of project “Yes To Work, No Human Trafficking” (Nr.2010.CH04/mic-107/32), which is realized by Agency of Development “Five” in collaboration with the Education And Development of Innovation Centre, Psychological Support And Education Centre “Dzīle” and Ventspils City Children And Teenagers Support Centre “Nāc līdzi!”.

The project duration was 12 months, from January 1st, 2011 to  December 31st, 2011. Its main objective was to fight against human trafficking, helping to ensure a secure job searching environment. Within the project children and young people who are exposed to social exclusion and the risk of poverty, have been informed and educated about modern human trafficking.

In the concluding event was launched discussion on current situation in the field of modeling agencies, as a representative example, the young people had formed a stylized fashion show. It was also carried out discussion on laws and regulations governing the fight against human trafficking in Latvia. Young people shared their experiences, discussed the problem of human trafficking in a way promoting civil society, non-governmental and governmental institutions cooperation in the fight against human trafficking.


“Open Integration 2012” – Project Closing Event 29.06.2012

Project “Open Integration2012” ( Nr. IF/2010./1.1./24)